Players that are released from their Resident AA Recruitment Area tryouts, and are seeking the second tryout will notify the
League that they are interested in the second tryout. The Notice to Try Out form (see www.hockeyalberta.ca Members TabForms-Elite/AA-AA Notice of Tryout) must be completed under the Second Tryout Information Heading area. This requires a
signature from the players Resident Minor Hockey Association President, as well as a signature of the Resident AA Association
This form should be emailed to the League c/o:
Pee Wee Requests – Governor Mike Hauck at bantamscahlgov@gmail.com
Bantam Requests – Bob Chrumka at scahlpw@eidnet.org
Midget Requests – Rod Wyton at lwyton@shaw.ca
The League, in conjunction with the In-Need Associations, will then determine which In Need Recruitment Area has
been approved for the Second Tryout. It is important to note that at this time the In-Need Association has the option to
accept the request of Second Tryout or not. If accepted, the player will be contacted by the In-Need Association and
arrangements made to join their tryout camps. If not accepted, the League may refer the player to another Association if one
is available for the second tryout. In no cases will players be eligible for more than two AA tryouts. If released from the
second tryout, or if no second tryout is available, the player reverts back to his Home Minor Hockey Association for the 2018-
19 season.
Steps to Take:
1. Obtain the NTO form from your Resident AA Recruitment Area when you are released from their tryouts, ensure that
their representative has signed in the Second Try-Out Information Area.
2. Obtain a signature from your Resident MHA (Minor Hockey Assn) President if different (it will the same signature as
the Resident AA Recruitment Area if you reside within that MHA).
3. Ensure that the top area of the form is completed fully.
4. Email the form to the SCAHL at the appropriate Division as listed above requesting a second tryout. Please indicate
the position you play.
5. The League Governor will determine if there is an In-Need Recruitment Area eligible to accept the Second Try-Out,
approve your request and notify the In-Need Area. The In Need Area will then determine if they will accept the
request and notify the player. If accepted, they will advise on joining their AA try-outs.