The Association is seeking Volunteers to represent SLMHA at CAHL as Director or Governor(s). As Director you will be required to attend monthly CAHL meetings and report back to SLMHA Board on any business arising and actions required from these meetings. You will attend Tiering meetings in the Fall and represent our teams in the Tiering process. You are a key liaison between SLMHA and CAHL. You are notified of any suspensions given to our players and follow up with Team Managers to ensure that suspensions are enforced. You will ensure collection of all game sheets of home games and delivery to appropriate executive of CAHL. You will be required to collaborate with other Association CAHL Directors regarding any weather situations that may arise.

As Governor you will attend training meetings and are expected to be knowledgeable of the policies and procedures noted in the Governors handbook. You should be available to respond to emails in a timely fashion to represent SLMHA with CAHL. You will receive game sheets from all teams in your division after each game(emailed). You will go in to the website and verify each game. You will be involved in any write-ups from referees during games and responsible for the proper disposition of issues to the Discipline Committee. You will communicate with Teams and the Board about any discipline issues.

Volunteers will be eligible for a $500 Honorarium for their assistance. Interested….send an email expressing your interest to by August 31st!