U7 - Part of Intro to Hockey

5 & 6 YR OLDS - Intro to Hockey

The U7 Lakers are 5 & 6 Year old players, born in 2017 and 2016 for the 2022-2023 hockey season. The U7 Division is an integral part of the Intro to Hockey program offered by SLMHA. This division provides great structure and the beginnings of schedule games both home & away, along with practices weekly.

  • Games & Practices - Last season our 4 teams had 46 practices and 16 scheduled games. We hosted a home festival and teams attend 2-3 away festivals.
  • Station-Based Practices - Players develop confidence and skills as they circulate through a station-based learning system during practices.

If your player is new to the game and needing an opportunity to build confidence & skills before delving into the sport, we also offer the Learn to Play Program designed for 4 to 8 year old players who are new to the game and are in the early stages of understanding the game and skills.  It is also a great opportunity for new players to learn the game in a safe and positive environment.

Welcome Letter from U7 Director

U7 - Intro to Hockey 2022-2023 Season


My name is Stacey Rosentreter and I will be your U7 Director this year for SLMHA. I am excited to be
on the board again this year for my second year running. Last year I was the Learn To Play Director
and this year have transitioned to my current role as the U7 Director.

I have been actively involved in the SLMHA programs since my Son joined in the 4 year old program
6 years ago. I have been the Manager on multiple teams as well as last year joining the board to try
to give back to the sport we love as much as possible. My daughter is in the U7 program this year
and very excited to be a Laker this year.

My goal this year as your Director is to ensure each and every kid has fun and grows a passion for
the game of hockey. These are the years when kids start to engage and enjoy the sports they are
taking part in and it’s critical for us to encourage that growth both for the kids and the game. We
want every child to want to come to the rink and be excited to step on the ice as well as return for
next year with the same excitement and passion for hockey.

If there is anything at all that I can help with, questions I can answer (if I don’t know the answer I will
find out) or you just want to say hi don’t hesitate to reach out and get a hold of me at: U7@slmha.hockey

Thank you all for your time and I look to meeting everyone at the rink.


Stacey Rosentreter

SLMHA U7 Director



In following Hockey Alberta's Intro to Hockey, players will develop fundamental movements skills, manipulation skills and overall motor skills in a fun and safe sport environment that promotes self-confidence. For this program to reach its full potential, and to give our players the best experience that they could ask for, the program requires a lot of volunteer assistance. If you would consider being an on-ice instructor or helper, equipment/team manager, designated rink safety person or a person responsible for jerseys, please let me know.


On-Ice Instructors, Coaches or Helpers

All coaches will have the support of the Division Director. Parent volunteers are required to have:

  • Coach 1 'Intro to Coaching'
  • Respect in Sport 'Coaching'
  • Safety Certification from Hockey Alberta
  • Current Vulnerable Sector Criminal Record Check



Season Start Date:

Our U7 players will be starting their season this fall!

Schedule will be posted shortly...


In the meantime, a few key things to prepare for:

  • Save the following email addresses as "Safe-Senders" to your inbox, as we use TeamSnap to send group emails and some email providers may SPAM or Junk our emails before you see it otherwise!

general@slmha.hockey  & u7@slmha.hockey

  • Download the TeamSnap App - this will become the main form of communication for schedules and updates from your coaches, managers and director

*Please be sure to add u7@slmha.hockey & general@slmha.hockey as safe-senders to your inbox.


*Registered for hockey? Remember to download the TeamSnap App to your phone to access your player's roster, ice-times, health check and to receive communications from your Directors, Coaches & Managers.